Pure charge& Go X hearing aids
Pure Charge&Go X – Signia Hearing Aid that Redefines Hearing Experience

Signia hearing aids always strive to provide high-quality, brilliant, and comfortable hearing experiences to users. Pure C&Go X is one of the most versatile Signia hearing aids. With a longer-lasting battery and user satisfaction for wearability. Pure Charge&Go is a game-changer in hearing aids by providing full flexibility and convenience in a remarkably small design. It is very easy to charge and use as you do not have to place the hearing aid exactly in the device cradle. The battery also has a longer runtime and lifetime. Pure Charge&Go is available in around ten colour variants. It is suitable for people with all levels of hearing loss from mild to severe or profound. It offers wireless inductive charging with improved water, dust, and sweat resistance. With a revolutionary “Own Voice processing technology”, Pure Charge&Go X provides a natural sounding voice and offers a pleasant listening experience.

Features of Pure Charge&Go X

  • Acoustic-Motion-Sensors

Equipped with revolutionary acoustic-motion sensors, Pure charge&Go X delivers sound precisely tailored to you by understanding your personal hearing environment in detail. This is a game-changer in hearing aid technology.

  • Signia Xperience

The Pure Charge&Go X has the Signia Xperience hearing aid technology that ensures to make hearing enjoyable, wherever you go and be a part of the conversation anywhere.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion power cell

The Pure Charge&Go delivers an ultra-durable hearing performance for a full day. It is longer lasting and you can charge up the hearing aids when you are sleeping. It takes 3-4 hours to charge the battery and you can also fast charge it for an additional 6 hours with 30 minutes of charging.

  • Let’s You Stay Connected

You can always stay connected with Pure C&Go X. It has Bluetooth connectivity for direct streaming of phone calls, music, TV, and more. You can always take a call whenever you want and stream audio from various sources based on your choices. You can also adjust the settings exactly as you like them.

  • With Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears can be a very serious problem. Pure Charge&Go has options for the treatment of tinnitus which helps you to ease the problems that you face with tinnitus.

  • Signia App and Assistance

The Signia App allows you to control your hearing aid remotely through your smartphone. You can always get the assistance of Hearing Care Professionals through the Signia telecare service.

Hearing loss is a serious issue. So when it comes to choosing the right hearing aid, it is imperative that you visit an expert audiologist who can access your reports and suggest you an apt hearing aid.

Insio Nx ITC - Signia Hearing Aids
Insio Nx ITC – Signia Hearing Aids Tailor-Made for You

Signia has a lot of options when it comes to hearing aids or hearwears that suit the needs of every user. Signia offers Insio Nx ITC/ITE is Signia’s in the canal or in the ear hearwears tailor-made for customers to suit their anatomy. Insio Nx aims to help people to savor the best things in their life without being hampered by hearing loss. It combines an incredibly discreet design with exceptional sound quality to provide users with self-confidence and have the most natural hearing experience. With Insio Nx ITC hearing aids, you can have conversations without worrying about hearing or appearance in any environment. It is available in Mocha, Tan, Beige, Brown, and Dark Brown color variants. Insio Nx ITC allows you to have a premium and customized discreet sound experience.

Features of Insio Nx ITC

Dedicated Push Button

Insio Nx ITC hearing aids come with a dedicated push button that allows you to change volume and hearing programs manually.

Crystal Clear Sound

Insio Nx is a Signia hearing aid designed to replicate the way in which we naturally listen to sound and filter unwanted noise in the background when we are holding a conversation. It will help you have conversations while you are moving and also cancel out distractions.

Direct Streaming with High-Quality Audio

With Insio Nx ITC, you can stream high-quality stereo directly and discreetly adjust the volume to suit your taste. You can take a phone call or watch your favourite show with just the push of a button. Premium Bluetooth connectivity and a convenient remote control option allow you to stream audio from various sources easily with a smartphone.

Ultra HD e2e

Insio Nx ITC is equipped with Ultra HD e2e which allows the best dual own voice processing for natural voice recognition and speech understanding in noise. It gives superior wireless binaural processing which means instantaneous and continuous dynamic voice detection and dual processing of own voice. Insio Nx ITC guarantees crystal clear sound and best speech understanding even in the noisiest environments.

CROS Pure 312 Nx and CIC

Insio offers CROS pure 312 accessory which is compatible with Insio Nx ITC which allows users with hearing loss in one ear to use it. Additionally, it also has a small CIC (Completely-in-Canal) and a single microphone.

Remote Control and Assistance

Insio Nx can be remotely controlled through Signia mobile app and miniPocket in addition to the push button. You can also get help and assistance through Signia Telecare and the mobile app.

Where to Get one?

Here at our hearing Aid store, we offer the latest collections of Signia hearing aid products that will make you realize that even the hearing aids can be stylish and way advanced as other consumer goods. At the Hearing Care Center, you could get free hearing before purchase. Or try Insio before making your final purchase.

Styletto X hearing aid
Styletto X – The Complete Signia Hearing Aid

Signia with its award-winning and stylish hearing aid or hear wear Styletto X aims to provide a complete hearing experience so that anyone with hearing loss will not miss out on life’s best moments. It is a hearing aid that is sophisticated in form, fit, and design. It has the best features that anyone is looking for in hearing aid and offers a natural or true-to-life hearing experience. The crystal clear and vivid sound that Styletto X provides is a life-changing experience for people with mild, moderate, and even severe hearing loss. The exchangeable miniReceivers 2.0 that comes with it assists in this. It comes in a variety of performance levels of 7, 5, 3, 2, and 1. You can charge on the go and it supports wireless charging. Wearability and sleek design are what make Signia Styletto X stand out from the rest of the hearing aids. Styletto X comes in 5 color variants; Black, White, Black/Silver, Cosmic Blue/Rose Gold, and Snow-white/Rose Gold.

The Features of Styletto X

  • Qi Wireless Charging Technology

Styletto X is the first hearing aid in the world that uses Qi wireless technology and all you have to do is place the hearing aid on the charging pad instead of plugging it into the mains. You do not have to plug in the hearing aid. The portable charging case offers three full charges on the go and allows the user autonomy for up to 4 days. The pocket-sized charging case, Styletto Connect has a sleek and metallic design that compliments the hearing aids.

  • Signia Xperience

Signia hearing aids aim to bring a brilliant hearing experience to users of Styletto Xperience. It has a Signia Xperience chip in it for clear sound and best speech comprehension even in noisy environments like busy streets, shopping malls, and parties. The Signia Xperience Platform has unique acoustic-motion sensors which optimize speech and sound under any condition and provide the best listening and understanding experience. It allows you to hear sounds clearly even when you are moving and actively participate in conversations.

  • Remote Control and Bluetooth Connectivity

Styletto X does not have any onboard controls. It can be remotely accessed and controlled by the Signia Application on your mobile phone or the miniPocket accessory. It also has Tinnitus options. It has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream TV, music, and calls all day.

  • Signia Assistant and Telecare

Signia uses AI to offer 24×7 support and assistance to all its users through Signia Assistant. It helps you troubleshoot any issues on spot, answer your questions and help you handle your hearing aids. With Signia’s Telecare service you can get support from professionals whenever you need it.

Where to Get one?

Here at our hearing Aid store, we offer the latest collections of Signia hearing aid products that will make you realize that even the hearing aids can be stylish and way advanced as other consumer goods. At the Hearing Care Center, you could get free hearing before purchase. Or try Styletto before making your final purchase.

Harmful effect of smoking on hearing - ear feels clogged after smoking
Does Smoking Lead To Hearing Loss?

Smoking has numerous side effects, most common among which are low blood oxygen level, heart failure, and breathing problems. But does smoking have any negative impact on our hearing? The devastating fact is that, yes, smoking does cause issues in proper hearing and it can affect you even if the smoking is passive or secondhand. People who smoke have more chances of developing high-intensity hearing loss than people who don’t. If your ear feels clogged after smoking. Maybe it’s because smoking is indeed impacting your hearing ability. Some of the most irritating hearing issues, such as tinnitus, can also be seen in frequent smokers. Now that we have established the fact that smoking leads to hearing loss, let us see exactly how the two are linked:

  • As one smokes, nicotine enters the bloodstream and the concentration of carbon monoxide also increases. Together, they result in a lower blood oxygen level which may lead to the poor performance of the neurotransmitters in the auditory nerve. This leads to the failure of our brain to differentiate one sound from the other.
  • The Eustachian tube is one of the most important parts of our ear which maintains the pressure in the ears. It runs from the middle ear to the back of the throat and also helps in draining the mucous of the middle ear. Smoking causes blockage of the eustachian tube which leads to disruption in pressure, causing hearing problems.
  • Smoking induces the release of free radicals into our bodies, which causes serious damage to the DNA in some cases. This can lead to various diseases, one among them being hearing loss.
  • Even during the later years of our adolescence, the part responsible for the development of our hearing ability in the central nervous system is still developing. Because of this reason, subjecting the nervous system to smoke can cause inhibition in the development, causing hearing problems such as being more sensitive to loud noises.

People who smoke are more susceptible to ear infections as well. Smoking weakens our immune system, which makes it easier for outside bacteria and viruses to attack our ears, leading to serious ear infections. You are also susceptible to tinnitus and other serious hearing-related diseases, so if you are looking for a reason to quit smoking, then let this be it. Your blood oxygen level and circulation are said to improve soon after you quit and even your nerve endings will begin to regenerate. If you face any hearing-related issues, make sure to give an audiologist a visit.

role of an Audiologist
Who Are Audiologists And What Are Their Roles?

Medical terminologies can be quite confusing. The same can be said when it comes to audiology as well. There can be a lot of confusing terms that seem to represent the same thing. So, who exactly is an audiologist and what does he/she do? Let us have a look.

An audiologist is someone who deals with the hearing and balance-related issues of our ear. There are similar occupations in the field, like that of an Otolaryngologist and Hearing Instrument Specialists. The former deals with the diseases of the ear, throat, mouth, and nose, while the latter focuses on selling hearing aids to individuals with issues of hearing loss. Audiologists are more focused on the ‘hearing’ part and help us identify and cure any hearing-related issue. Some of the roles that can be taken up by an audiologist are:

Audiological Care Coordinator

Individuals with hearing problems may often need to take treatment from different institutions and the course of treatment may differ each time. A proper track of the same has to be maintained. Also, they might need guidance in choosing the right medical opinion. An audiological care coordinator is an individual that helps the patients with all these things.


A counsellor essentially identifies the needs of a patient and then suggests the necessary solutions which can be adopted by them. The role also involves analyzing the audiology assessments of the patient and explaining them in detail to the family in understandable terms. The counselling is not only given to the patient, but to the whole family at times.


As the name indicates, a diagnostician is someone who performs tests on the patients to diagnose the problem. The right kind of equipment along with the suitable environment is necessary for a diagnostician to perform his/her role properly.

Educational Audiologist

Creating awareness and educating individuals on the topic of hearing problems and possible deafness is quite important, especially in schools. An educational audiologist is someone who works along with the teachers and other school staff, helping them to deal with students who are hearing-impaired.

Audiological Researcher

Every field has to do proper research for proper understanding and further development of the same. The audiological researcher dives deeper into the concept and looks for ways to improve the existing hearing equipment, to develop more accurate and quick diagnostics methods, and so on.

Hearing-related issues can be quite serious and it is important to get your ears checked by an audiologist to get the prescription for a hearing aid. Make sure to visit your hearing aid store and choose a hearing aid that suits you best.

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