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Insio Nx ITC – Signia Hearing Aids Tailor-Made for You

Signia has a lot of options when it comes to hearing aids or hearwears that suit the needs of every user. Signia offers Insio Nx ITC/ITE is Signia’s in the canal or in the ear hearwears tailor-made for customers to suit their anatomy. Insio Nx aims to help people to savor the best things in their life without being hampered by hearing loss. It combines an incredibly discreet design with exceptional sound quality to provide users with self-confidence and have the most natural hearing experience. With Insio Nx ITC hearing aids, you can have conversations without worrying about hearing or appearance in any environment. It is available in Mocha, Tan, Beige, Brown, and Dark Brown color variants. Insio Nx ITC allows you to have a premium and customized discreet sound experience.

Features of Insio Nx ITC

Dedicated Push Button

Insio Nx ITC hearing aids come with a dedicated push button that allows you to change volume and hearing programs manually.

Crystal Clear Sound

Insio Nx is a Signia hearing aid designed to replicate the way in which we naturally listen to sound and filter unwanted noise in the background when we are holding a conversation. It will help you have conversations while you are moving and also cancel out distractions.

Direct Streaming with High-Quality Audio

With Insio Nx ITC, you can stream high-quality stereo directly and discreetly adjust the volume to suit your taste. You can take a phone call or watch your favourite show with just the push of a button. Premium Bluetooth connectivity and a convenient remote control option allow you to stream audio from various sources easily with a smartphone.

Ultra HD e2e

Insio Nx ITC is equipped with Ultra HD e2e which allows the best dual own voice processing for natural voice recognition and speech understanding in noise. It gives superior wireless binaural processing which means instantaneous and continuous dynamic voice detection and dual processing of own voice. Insio Nx ITC guarantees crystal clear sound and best speech understanding even in the noisiest environments.

CROS Pure 312 Nx and CIC

Insio offers CROS pure 312 accessory which is compatible with Insio Nx ITC which allows users with hearing loss in one ear to use it. Additionally, it also has a small CIC (Completely-in-Canal) and a single microphone.

Remote Control and Assistance

Insio Nx can be remotely controlled through Signia mobile app and miniPocket in addition to the push button. You can also get help and assistance through Signia Telecare and the mobile app.

Where to Get one?

Here at our hearing Aid store, we offer the latest collections of Signia hearing aid products that will make you realize that even the hearing aids can be stylish and way advanced as other consumer goods. At the Hearing Care Center, you could get free hearing before purchase. Or try Insio before making your final purchase.

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