About Us

The Hearing Care Centre is a well-established practice providing high quality care for the hearing impaired in Kuwait. Founded in 2002, at a time where access to reliable audiology tests and hearing aids was limited, our Hearing Care Centre has since assisted numerous hearing impaired persons to hear and experience their world with renewed clarity and joy.

Our professional hearing care team comprises of dedicated veterans in their field who provide personalized hearing care solutions for all patients. Through a tested real-world diagnostic hearing test and our partnership with world renowned companies we are able to provide the best solutions for each individual need.

With today’s advanced technology from Signia hearing instruments, we provide solutions for hearing loss and make the most innovative hearing instruments available to our clients in Kuwait.

Furthermore, musicians, sportsmen and children alike can benefit from our customized noise protection. Our ear plugs for noise reduction and ear protection are handmade in-house by our skilled hearing aid technician.

As passionate healthcare professionals we seek to deliver value through personal customer service. We do so by listening carefully, understanding your issues, utilizing our extensive knowledge and providing you with the best service possible synonymous with International Optique.

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