Pure charge& Go X hearing aids

Pure Charge&Go X – Signia Hearing Aid that Redefines Hearing Experience

Signia hearing aids always strive to provide high-quality, brilliant, and comfortable hearing experiences to users. Pure C&Go X is one of the most versatile Signia hearing aids. With a longer-lasting battery and user satisfaction for wearability. Pure Charge&Go is a game-changer in hearing aids by providing full flexibility and convenience in a remarkably small design. It is very easy to charge and use as you do not have to place the hearing aid exactly in the device cradle. The battery also has a longer runtime and lifetime. Pure Charge&Go is available in around ten colour variants. It is suitable for people with all levels of hearing loss from mild to severe or profound. It offers wireless inductive charging with improved water, dust, and sweat resistance. With a revolutionary “Own Voice processing technology”, Pure Charge&Go X provides a natural sounding voice and offers a pleasant listening experience.

Features of Pure Charge&Go X

  • Acoustic-Motion-Sensors

Equipped with revolutionary acoustic-motion sensors, Pure charge&Go X delivers sound precisely tailored to you by understanding your personal hearing environment in detail. This is a game-changer in hearing aid technology.

  • Signia Xperience

The Pure Charge&Go X has the Signia Xperience hearing aid technology that ensures to make hearing enjoyable, wherever you go and be a part of the conversation anywhere.

  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion power cell

The Pure Charge&Go delivers an ultra-durable hearing performance for a full day. It is longer lasting and you can charge up the hearing aids when you are sleeping. It takes 3-4 hours to charge the battery and you can also fast charge it for an additional 6 hours with 30 minutes of charging.

  • Let’s You Stay Connected

You can always stay connected with Pure C&Go X. It has Bluetooth connectivity for direct streaming of phone calls, music, TV, and more. You can always take a call whenever you want and stream audio from various sources based on your choices. You can also adjust the settings exactly as you like them.

  • With Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus or ringing in the ears can be a very serious problem. Pure Charge&Go has options for the treatment of tinnitus which helps you to ease the problems that you face with tinnitus.

  • Signia App and Assistance

The Signia App allows you to control your hearing aid remotely through your smartphone. You can always get the assistance of Hearing Care Professionals through the Signia telecare service.

Hearing loss is a serious issue. So when it comes to choosing the right hearing aid, it is imperative that you visit an expert audiologist who can access your reports and suggest you an apt hearing aid.

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