Custom Earmolds for Hearing Protection

Skilled professionals can create custom earmolds or molded earplugs for you using molds taken off your ear.

Our trained audiologists or hearing aid dispensers will take impressions of your ear and make samples to make you a custom earplug. Similarly, custom earmolds are also used for hearing protection but are worn on the outer ear. We offer a lot of products for hearing protection like custom earplugs and custom earmolds in Kuwait. Take a look at the wide range of options we offer to customize your hearing protection for a number of lifestyles


You can easily get infected by having water trapped inside your ear canal. Activities like swimming, diving and even simply taking a shower can lead to irritation and infection in this way if proper precaution is not taken. With our custom hearing protection earmolds and earplugs for swimmers, the water stays out and keeps your hearing intact.

Hearing Care Center | HCC Kuwait


Hearing protection is crucial for activities such as hunting, shooting, and other sports using firearms because your ears and hearing can be permanently damaged by a single gunshot.

Our custom earmolds and earplugs for hunters are specially designed to prevent impulse noise and can protect your ears from sudden loud noises.

Hearing Care Center | HCC Kuwait

Music Lovers

Musicians and anyone who enjoys music, rejoice! You can listen to music with high sound quality while protecting your hearing now. Our custom earmolds and earplugs for music lovers and professional musicians allow you to enjoy the rich, natural sound.

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