Silk X- The Invisible Signia Hearing Aid

If you are looking for a discreet hearing aid, go for Silk X. Silk X is the go-to choice for anyone who wants discreteness as it is practically invisible in the ears. Silk X combines comfort, stylishness, and discreteness together. What makes Silk X different from other Signia hearing aids is that it is placed inside the ear canal, unlike the other hearing aids that are placed behind the ears. This allows you to use over-ear headphones, masks and make phone calls like you usually do. With Silk X, you can get the most comfortable listening experience from Signia. It is one of the smallest hearing aids in the world and is hardly noticeable to others. The faceplate comes in two variations, black, and mocha. The shell colour for the left ear is transparent blue and the right ear is transparent red. Silk X can give you the confidence and convenience of close to the real-life hearing experience.


Features of Signia Silk X


Soft-Silicone Click Sleeves

The highly adaptable soft-silicone click sleeves in Silk X allow you to experience a level of comfortable and secure fit by simply clicking onto the hearing aids. These Sleeves are available in four sizes that suit the hearing needs and ear anatomy of most people. Silk X is the only CIC or Completely-in-the-Canal hearing aid from Signia. You don’t have to wait to get an in-the-ear hearing aid that suits you. You just have to get Silk X that fits you.


Signia Xperience Platform

Get crystal clear sound and speech understanding with Signia Xperience which allows you to get a superior hearing experience with the best technology. It allows you to hold conversations and remain attentive even in busy locations. Silk X is specifically built to be positioned to provide the best phone call and music experience. Silk X does not support music and TV streaming but you can take a phone call on it.


Tinnitus Options and CROS Silk X

Silk X offers a variety of therapy options for Tinnitus which helps you to have a soothing and calming hearing experience. CROS Silk X is an accessory compatible with Silk X that assists you to tackle the challenge of having an untreatable hearing disability in one ear. It helps you to ensure that you can hear sounds coming from both sides and around you brilliantly.


Remote Access and Support

Signia hearing aids can all be operated remotely through Signia App and miniPocket. Through AI-powered technology, Signia Silk offers 24-hour customer assistance to troubleshoot any problem that a user might face. With Telecare assistance, you can get the help of a professional on-call any time you need it.


Your best choice when it comes to hearing aids

Hearing aids are here to serve a purpose, which is to help individuals have a normal hearing experience. But nobody said that hearing aids cannot be stylish as well. Silk X is one of the best products of Signia that gives supreme hearing experience along with offering extreme comfort and style to the users. So the next time after you consult your audiologist for a new pair of hearing aids, maybe give Silk X a try.